24/7 WordPress Website

Security and Maintenance

Never worry about your WordPress website again. Concentrate on doing your business while we keep your WordPress website secure and updated at all times. Need WordPress webmastering and development? We handle these too.

WP Seals Service Features

WordPress Proactive Updates

Weekly updates for all your plugins and themes. We also actively monitor for new release of WordPress and update your CMS core files within 48 hours of the latest WordPress public release so you can rest assured that your site is always patched and safe.

Intelligent Offsite Backups

Don’t ever worry about losing your data. Depending on your subscribed plan, we can do daily backups to up to 4 backups per day (every 8 hours). Your backups are independently stored on our secured servers and are always ready to be restored should the need arise.

Expert WordPress Security

WP Seals has partnered with both Sucuri and WordFence to monitor your website 24/7. We perform daily malware scanning on your files. In the event that your website has been attacked, we can fix it and bring it back to normal in a very short amount of time.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Included in all our plans is a 24/7 up-time monitoring of your website. Our monitoring system sends you and us as well, an alert as soon as a downtime is detected. Our team is ever ready to assist and advise you on locating the source of the downtime and bring the website up again.

Optimisations and Expert Audit

As soon as you sign up to one of our seals plan, we perform an audit of your website and set up our optimization tools to speed up your website by applying: lazyload, minification and concatenation, page cache, gzip compression, dns pre-fetching among others.

WP Expert Support

Our team consists of WordPress experts with a minimum of 8 years experience working with WordPress and we are ever ready to assist you from small to large development tasks on your website. While being a WP Seals member, you get 50% discount on our hourly WP Dev rates.



We receive questions concerning the services provided on a regular basis. So we compiled them here should you have the same questions. If you have any question(s) not listed here, feel free to contact us to get a quick answer.

What are the technical support working hours?

At this time, our support hours are 08:00 to 17:00 GMT, Monday through Friday. Emergency background support and monitoring are 24/7.

What do you need to activate my WP Seals plan on my website?

After signing up to one of our plans, we will contact you to fill out a Customer Intake Form so that collect some details about your site. This helps us connect to your site in order to install our services offered. Our staff keeps these credentials private and will never share these details with anyone not associated with WPSeals.

Can I move my website to your Lightspeed hosting if I am already hosting somewhere else?

Yes. Our Lightspeed hosting is a specially configured VM with dedicated RAM and CPU and SSD disk to run WordPress at its best! When you sign up to the Seals Business plan, we will also handle the migration of your website to our Lightspeed hosting server.

If I am on the Basic or Pro plan, can I still use your Lightspeed hosting?

Yes. You can purchase our Lightspeed hosting as an addon for only $75/additional per month. Please contact us via ticket support for adding the addon.

Do you support a staging site?

If you have a separate staging environment that you would like to test updates on, you will need to purchase a second seal plan for the staging environment. We treat the staging environment as a full website. Once you are satisfied with changes done to your staging environment, we will replicate the same to your production website.

Do you support WordPress multisite?

We support WordPress Multisite and WordPress Multi-network. Because of the highly differing uses and structures in use by both, we do ask for more information, as our team is informed from the start of any particular configurations that may be unique to your network. Multisite WordPress is supported in the Seals Business plan only.

How will WPSeals intervene in the event of a website hacking?

WPSeals continuously monitors customer sites using ongoing security scans. Common issues are also manually checked whenever relevant. Unfortunately, even with proactive monitoring, no one can catch every security issue. In the event a security issue does occur, our goal is to respond immediately within business hours. Valid security concerns are of the highest priority over any and all development work, company-wide.

In the event your site is hacked, we have a one time hack repair service available for $125. The price includes investigation of hacked files and restoration of the most recent backup and proactive suggestions on how to prevent the attack again.

How to contact WPSeals for technical support?

You can also email us at [email protected] or by opening a support ticket from this website if you already have an active Seals plan.

We use support tickets in lieu of phone calls. Although we have a small team, we want to make sure that all communication is documented and extremely clear; we’ve found that this makes it easier for our entire team to know what’s going on with your site.

I want to add https to my website. Can you help?

Sure thing! To add https to your website you will need an SSL certificate (you can purchase from us at $25/year). If you are hosting on a third party server, you will need to request a CSR from them first and also purchase a dedicated IP for your hosting plan with your hosting provider. Don’t worry we will guide you for this.

If you are on our Seals Business plan or using our Lightspeed hosting as an addon and want to add https, you simply need to purchase a ssl certificate from us and we will do the necessary to install and configure everything for you. Simple as that!

Can I upgrade my plan with WPSeals at anytime?

Of course, you can. Upgrades are done on prorata basis. It is as simple as requesting the upgrade via a ticket support.

How do I do if I need WP Seals for multiple websites?

You can purchase a Seals license for each website once you have a client account with us. If you are planning to purchase a seals plan for more than 5 websites, contact us for a courtesy discount. We offer up to 25% discount on your overall fee if you have more than 5 active websites.

If an update breaks my website, does it cost extra to fix?

The site is immediately rolled-back to the backup state taken prior to performing the update. The methods for this vary in some cases (due primarily to e-commerce functionalities, if present). From there, you’ll be notified of the issue.

The majority of issues are addressed free of cost, however, custom plugins, issues introduced by users, or especially time-consuming issues may be billable. WPSeals will notify you before charging anything to your account.

If I notice an issue with my website, who and how to report it to WPSeals?

For security reasons, no one other than approved parties may request information or support services for a WPSeals customer. The account holder is the default approved party, but you can also assign authorized users to your account! This can be done simply by emailing us with the name and email address for additional authorized users.

Can I restore the backup of my website to yesterday's version?

Provided that the backup is available, yes. While we’re happy to restore a site at no charge for any customer, continued usage of this feature may consume monthly WP Expert Support time (if available in your account), and/or incur additional fees. WPSeals will notify you prior to charging anything to your account.

Does WPSeal provide SEO services?

When you sign up for our services, we do basic SEO optimizations on your website. However for a full SEO intervention we can refer you to one of our partners who specializes in SEO.

What happens if my WordPress plugin or theme is no longer supported?

The plugin is still monitored for issues as before. If no breaking changes or other issues are presented, it remains on the site. If a plugin or theme is causing critical issues, then we will inform you to take the necessary actions.

Can I downgrade my support plan with WPSeals?

Yes. Contact us via ticket support and our agents will guide you. Downgrading a support plan is possible only once though per client account.